Jonathan Dworin

Project Manager

Jonathan has dedicated his career to improving economic conditions by striving to make public-private investments in innovation-based programs more efficient while achieving greater impact. Working with members across the TEConomy team, Jonathan is responsible for effectively managing projects focused on innovation-led economic development and public policy.

Blending qualitative and quantitative analysis, Jonathan’s work focuses on strategic planning, industry cluster development, stakeholder engagement, placemaking, and innovation and entrepreneurship programming to advance innovation-based economic development.

Prior to joining TEConomy, Jonathan worked with SSTI researching best practices in innovation-driven economic development and supporting public-private partnership efforts at universities and federal labs. Earlier in his career, Jonathan also worked in research roles at two Land-grant Universities with a focus on sustainable economic development, outreach, and communication.

Jonathan has an M.P.P. from the University of Minnesota and a B.A. in Social Relations and Policy from Michigan State University.

Office Location: Detroit, MI
Office Phone: 248-346-0763