Joseph Simkins

Senior Economist

Joe is responsible for advanced economic, statistical, and simulation modeling and analytics. Joe joined TEConomy Partners from his previous position with the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice, which followed his earlier work with Battelle’s Statistics and Information Analysis Group.

Joe’s work has seen him engaged in a broad range of complex projects across a variety of markets. He has designed and implemented applied economics and advanced predictive modeling approaches for government and commercial clients in applications ranging from national defense to health care to logistics. His work specialized in predictive behavior modeling, information elicitation and survey design, econometric and economic impact analysis, applied machine learning, and complex systems simulation. Past project work includes simulation modeling of vehicle fleet supply chain operations, visualizing the spread and adoption of new biomedical technologies through patenting data, and development of a suite of interlinked applied microeconomic models to predict the economic impacts of terrorism events.

At TEConomy Partners, Joe’s special expertise is of great value in economic impact modeling, advanced quantitative analyses of core competencies and innovation, big data handling, survey-based research, and design of applied modeling and simulation projects. His work across varied technological and scientific disciplines is valuable in our research, which encompasses the array of technologies and strategies that drive economic development and industry growth.

Joe has an M.A. in Applied Economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a B.A. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Office Location: Columbus, Ohio
Office Phone: 614-420-1607